Guiding You Through The Adoption Process

Adoption can be an amazing time in the life of a family, but it can also be stressful. Each adoption is different. It requires a unique approach and legal representation tailored to your specific needs.

At the Law Office of Michelle R. Katz, in Jackson, New Jersey, we tailor the representation we provide to personally guide you through the adoption process. We represent adoptive parents, biological parents, other family members and concerned adults in New Jersey adoption proceedings.

Our mother-daughter legal team, made of attorneys Michelle R. Katz and Sara G. Katz, handles several different types of adoptions and related legal proceedings, including:

  • Domestic adoptions from United States-based adoption agencies
  • International adoptions from countries throughout the world
  • Stepparent adoptions, including termination of parental rights of the biological parent
  • Grandparent adoptions, often when a parent is unable or unwilling to care for a child
  • Termination of parental rights
  • Adoptions by same-sex couples, which can require special legal considerations in certain states
  • Guardianship and custody of minor children

How Long Will My Adoption Take?

How long will it take? This is one of the most common questions we hear. Many people have heard horror stories of adoptions that dragged out over years, causing enormous tension to both adults and children.

The truth is that it's impossible to predict exactly how long your adoption will take. However, it is possible to take certain steps to help ensure that things will go smoothly and efficiently.

When we handle your case, we pay close attention to all the details and requirements. We meticulously comb over the necessary paperwork to help make sure that everything is completed properly. We communicate with you from the moment we take your case until the adoption is finalized and as necessary afterward. Communication is our top priority. Our attorneys can answer all of your questions and provide guidance.

Our focus is on minimizing the stresses to you and your family — especially the stresses to the children involved. We believe in keeping kids out of court and in turning legal proceedings into as positive an occurrence as possible.

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